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Nivanh Chanthara returns to Promised Land

Nivanh Chanthara is a self-educated senior concept artist currently employed at Eidos Montreal, where he designs characters, environments and props for the studio’s titles, including the Deus Ex license.

Chanthara started out by doing street art, as well as working in urban sports and fashion design in France. He began his career as a concept designer at Method Films on Iron Man: Armored Adventures (animated series), before relocating to Canada to work at Beenox on video games — Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2.

Chanthara also works for the movie and TV industries as a freelance artist.

At last year’s Promised Land, Nivanh Chanthara held a live demo session, during which he presented and discussed his techniques and methods of work. This September, he will be returning to Łódź to lead a hands-on masterclass in digital art.

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