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Ilya Golitsyn from Guerrilla Games joins Promised Land

Ilya Golitsyn is a senior concept artist at Guerrilla Games. His specialty is character design, with illustration and storyboarding also part of his proficiency.

Born in 1984 in Saint Petersburg, Golitsyn grew up loving drawing and sculpting. Being a self-learned artist, he didn’t consider his hobby a potential career at first. After graduating university, he decided to pursue his passion for art and games professionally. That path took him on a 10 year long journey, from slot machine games, through outsourcing for several big titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic, to a senior role in AAA game development.

Currently an integral part of Guerrilla Games’ team, Golitsyn is responsible for the visual language and style of various tribes, as well as several main character designs for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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