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Please give a warm welcome to our next Promised Land speaker, Matt Corcoran!

Corcoran is a freelance senior character artist who specializes in designing and sculpting heroes and creatures for games, movies and collectible figures.

His most prominent role was as a senior character artist for Industrial Light & Magic where he worked on the film Jurassic World (2015). During his time at ILM, Corcoran contributed to several areas of design, including creature sculpting, hero digital doubles, hair & fur styling and texture painting. Before ILM, he spent three years working with AnatomyTools.com assisting in the creation of 1/6th scale anatomy figures.

In his free time, he enjoys 3D Printing, sculpting, drawing and playing his classical guitar.

Full list of speakers: https://www.promisedland-artfestival.com/en/2016/speakers