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Jakub Knapik VFX/CG Freelance Artist joins Promised Land Art Festival!

Jakub’s CG career kicked off back in 2004 when he started working for Platige Image as a VFX/CG Supervisor, he spent there oven 10 years working with awesome directors like Lars Von Trier („Melancholia” and „Antichrist” ) , Andrzej Wajda („Katyn"), Jerzy Skolimowski („Essential Killing”) and finally Tomek Bagiński („Ambition” ).

In 2015 he started working as a Senior Comp for „Jurassic World” at Image Engine. After that he came back to Poland to work on „ARES: Our greatest adventure", a viral promo film (for „The Martian”).

Recently, Jakub worked as a freelance VFX Supervisor / Art Director and also, worked on two music clips for Radiohead and Mark Pritchard in collaboration with Thom Yorke.