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Converse's Bryan Cioffi closes this year’s Promised Land speaker lineup

Bryan Cioffi is the VP / Creative Director of Global Footwear for Converse Inc. He’s responsible for inspiring and developing the footwear design team, setting long term and seasonal creative strategy, and shaping the vision for some of the world’s most iconic footwear.

Bryan joined Converse in 2004 to build the rapid footwear prototyping group that brought new and emerging digital (2D and 3D) printing technologies and processes to Converse. While researching 2D digital printing in 2008, Bryan created the system and techniques that would become Converse Ink, the first of its kind ‘customization at retail’ experience. In 2010 Bryan served as Director, Innovation where he partnered with all areas of the company to help create and unlock a new product creation offense called Global Prototype Culture. In this role, he led the efforts to rebuild the team itself and install the first brand wide Innovation pipeline.

Prior to joining Converse, Bryan spent 4 years at Medica Corporation, a biotech manufacturer, designing and helping bring to market high-end medical laboratory equipment.