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Promised Land welcomes Ada Głowacka & Artur Sadlos!

Adrianna "Ada" Głowacka is concept artist and illustrator working as freelancer for the entertainment industry. During her career, she worked for companies like Platige Image, Buck and Akson and designed VR games, stage musicals and game cinematics.


Ada’s ArtStation pofrtfolio


Artur Sadlos is an art director, concept artist and illustrator with over 15 years of experience in both traditional and digital media. Due to the broad and passionate interest in the process of creation, Artur branched to many creative fields and occupied many positions and roles during the course of his career. He has worked with studios such as Framestore, Buck, Axis Animation, MPC, Platige Image and Techland and his portfolio contains titles like For Honor, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, HITMAN, Halo 5, Total War: Warhammer and Dead Island.


Artur’s ArtStation portfolio

Together, they founded visual development studio Conceptverse and will share their knowledge with Promised Land attendees!