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Michał Sawtyruk is our next speaker

Michal Sawtyruk is freelance artist based in Warsaw, Poland.


After concluding Platige Image’s Animation and VFX courses, Michał began his professional career by joining the team as a Junior Artist. He later became a freelancer and got involved in production for companies like DreamWorks TV, BMW, Cadillac, Axis Animation, Roof Studio and King. His art was featured in publications such as 3DTotal Digital Art Masters, ImagineFX and {slow}.


With his main field being illustration and visual development, Michał worked on colorscripts for feature animation like Another Day of Life, provided background art for Halo: The Fall of Reach series, as well as developed concepts and colorkeys for various commercials and cinematics. He’s currently in midst of working on his own short animation project.


ArtStation portfolio