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Promised Land 2019 on Hold — Coming Back in the Future

Over the course of the three editions organized to date, we’ve seen PLAF grow bigger and evolve into something truly unique — an event packed with insightful lectures, inspiring workshops, and magical afterparties. Our passion project became a cherished meetup, which people actually longed for, and a festival for friends by friends — everyone united in art. Ultimately, we want Promised Land to become the European go-to event for artists and entertainment industry professionals.

However, a moment comes when we need to evaluate our priorities. CD PROJEKT RED, Promised Land’s driving force and main organizer, is a video game development studio first and foremost. And what we need now is undivided attention and full focus on our current game development projects. We think quality is the most important aspect of creation and that extends to everything we do. Without time and necessary attention to detail, we can’t guarantee quality.

This is why, with a heavy heart, we made the decision to put Promised Land on hold.
The event is not cancelled — we’re simply taking a break.

We are truly sorry we won’t be able to host you this year. We already miss the lectures and workshops (and parties). The one thing keeping us strong is that we will see each other during future editions of the event.

Expect us reaching out when we know more!

Paweł Mielniczuk,
Małgorzata Sawnor,
Sebastian Kalemba,
Marek Madej