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Welcome our next speaker: Piotr Bieryt!

Piotr Bieryt is a 3D artist with over five years of professional experience in the entertainment and e-commerce industry. He began his adventure with 3D graphics over 10 years ago, when he became interested in modding games. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Technology in Kraków. Piotr has worked on different projects including AAA games, visualizations, and cinematics. He currently works at Forte Digital, and in the past he has worked with companies such as CD PROJEKT RED, Platige Image, and Techland.


Piotr is passionate about everything related to 3D art and technology, and his passion for engineering also enables him to combine advanced technology with the CGI world. Together with his business partner Piotr Żmuda, he has spent the past three years working on an automatic 3D scanning solution.