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Promised Land 2022 by the Numbers

This year’s Promised Land Art Festival brought together hundreds of artists and industry professionals in the halls of the EC1 Łódź complex, giving everyone an opportunity to network, share their expertise, and participate in various hands-on workshops and activities. Over 850 participants and almost 60 speakers spent four days together, with some impressive numbers to show for it:


- 42 hours of lectures
- 31 hours of workshops - 15 hours of life drawing sessions with professional models
- 18 hours of demos, including those offered by comic book artist Grzegorz Rosiński
- 400 kilograms of clay used during sculpting sessions
- Over 2,500 food truck meals eaten
- 3,500 OSHEE Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Energy Elixirs consumed, and another 3,500 OSHEE Witcher energy bars


The event’s speakers and attendees also came from a wide assortment of companies: 11 bit Studios, 2K Czech, Amusnet Interactive, Aristocrat Technologies, Bee-Fee, Big Cheese, Bloober Team, Blue Byte GmbH, CD PROJEKT RED, Dark Passenger, Digic Pictures, EXOR STUDIOS, FLYING WILD HOG, Huuuge Games, Hyperstrange, MegaPixel, Mousetrap Games, People Can Fly, Plarium, Platige Image, Play'n GO, Reikon Games, Room 8 Group, Starward Industries, Techland, Ubisoft, Vile Monarch, Wargaming, Wolf Studio, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Riot Games, KitBash3D, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU), Wizards of the Coast, Guerilla Games, HiRez Studios, and Sharkmob Studio. However, the creative energy flowing through the event was far more impressive than any numbers. We can’t wait to see everyone at the next Promised Land Art Festival!