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Next Promised Land 2018 speaker is Matt Cexwish

Matt Cexwish is an architect and urbanist working in numerous fields of art.


He graduated from Berlin University of the Arts and the University of Illinois at Chicago where he studied Architecture and Urbanism. His diploma project — an Acoustic Hammam — has earned him worldwide recognition and multitude of awards, such as the Max Taut Award, a BDA-SARP Award and an Olympic Bronze Medal earned through an IOC/IAKS Award. At the same time, Matt was busy building and painting props as well as various models for major blockbusters such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,Clash of the Titans and Star Wars: Rogue One.


In 2010, he started his own company — überliner. Together, they collaborated on variety of projects and organized miniature painting and motivational workshops all around the globe. In his work, Matt uses a magnitude of different techniques — from building intricate miniature dioramas, individual scale models and props to architectural concepts using cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing.