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Ehren Bienert


Ehren Bienert has been artistically inclined his whole life. Upon entering art school, he dreamed of becoming a fine artist — but in an ironic twist it was his failure in this pursuit that pushed him into making collectibles for the entertainment industry, which he does to this day. His professional journey began in 2003 by sculpting wax athletes and comic book characters for McFarlane Toys. In 2009, Ehren transitioned into the digital world. He primarily uses ZBrush, Maya, and rapid prototyping to bring his art to life. His proficiency in digital modeling led him to Blizzard, where he sculpted many statues based on various IPs. He currently works for Riot Games as a Sculptor in the Merchandise department.


Throughout his journey he has met some amazing people who challenged his perceptions and motivated him to an immense degree. He has grown to deeply appreciate the community around him, and is honored to be asked to share his knowledge with others.
Piotr Bieryt


Piotr Bieryt is a 3D artist with over five years of professional experience in the entertainment and e-commerce industry. He began his adventure with 3D graphics over 10 years ago, when he became interested in modding games. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Technology in Kraków. Piotr has worked on different projects including AAA games, visualizations, and cinematics. He currently works at Forte Digital, and in the past he has worked with companies such as CD PROJEKT RED, Platige Image, and Techland.


Piotr is passionate about everything related to 3D art and technology, and his passion for engineering also enables him to combine advanced technology with the CGI world. Together with his business partner Piotr Żmuda, he has spent the past three years working on an automatic 3D scanning solution.
Andrea Blasich


Andrea Blasich has spent the last 26 years working in the film industry. He graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan with a master’s in scenography, and worked for a few years at different theaters in Milan. After that he began a career in feature animation which brought him to London, Munich, and eventually to the U.S.A.


He worked as a sculptor for DreamWorks SKG. His range broadened tremendously as he worked as a sculptor for video games as well as feature animation including such studios as DreamWorks, Blue Sky Studio, Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros, Sony, Cinderbiter, Tonko House, Lucasfilm, and Netflix.


Andrea also works on his personal sculptures and bronzes. His work has appeared in exhibitions at: Pixar Animation Studio, the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, the Nucleus gallery in Los Angeles, and the Society of Illustrators in New York.
Marina Borokhova


Marina Borokhova is a Senior Producer at Platige Image, where she has been working since 2016. She studied Film and Television Production Management at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice.


She works on full CG and VFX projects, and has produced cinematics for For Honor: Marching Fire for Ubisoft, Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone for Activision, and Resident Evil Village for Capcom, among other projects. She also produced Bloober Team’s live action trailer for their game The Medium. In addition to this, she has worked on such projects as the Polish Legends series for Allegro, Fish Night from the Love Death + Robots series for Netflix, the animated feature film Another Day of Life, and many more.


In addition to her project work, she provides production supervision for Platige Image's motion capture studio.
Maxx Burman


Maxx is the Co-Founder of KitBash3D, a company whose mission is to enable and inspire the creators of the virtual frontier. KitBash3D creates premium 3D assets for movies and video games, and their customers include some of the largest studios across both industries, such as Disney, Marvel, HBO, Ubisoft, EA, and 2K as well as hundreds of thousands of independent artists and hobbyists in more than 150 countries.


Prior to running KitBash3D, Maxx spent a decade in the film and video game industry as an Art Director and Matte Painter, working on films such as Godzilla , Iron Man 3 , and Her ; shows such as Game Of Thrones , Westworld , and Mindhunter ; and games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops III , League of Legends , and Titanfall . He has also worked with commercial clients such as Nike, Lexus, T-mobile, and Samsung.


In 2020 Maxx was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30: Games , which highlights the most influential people in video games, and in 2022 KitBash3D was named in Fast Company's Ten Most Innovative Companies in Gaming .
Matt Cexwish


Matt Cexwish is a Senior Architect currently working for Tesla. He founded the überliner inc. collective, which specializes in 3D printing, art coaching, manufacturing props for film productions, and creating collectibles with business partners like CD PROJEKT RED, Activision Blizzard, and Inu Kingdoms. He has created several unique IPs and is currently looking forward to exploring his next creative endeavor as an Environment and Level Artist.
Tomasz Cieślak


Tomasz Cieślak is an engineering technologist and the co-owner of a firm creating human anatomy models for 3B Scientific. For the past 17 years, his company Kauposil has acted as the sole representative of the American company Smooth-On, the creator of industry-leading two-component materials such as silicone, urethane rubber, and epoxy resin in the Polish market. He similarly acts as the representative for the Dutch company AcrylicOne.


He provides technological support for clients across all industries that utilize objects created from molds and casting. In his spare time, he works in his studio to develop new solutions for artists working in set design, special effects, and other fields.
Michał Czaderna


Michał Czaderna is an actor and motion capture talent. He started his career back in 2012 working with Techland on Dying Light. Since then he has worked as a mocap talent for almost a decade, contributing to projects such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Hearts of Stone, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt —Blood and Wine, Cyberpunk 2077 (CD PROJEKT RED), Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier (IMAGINARIUM ), and Chernobylite (Farm 51). He has also worked with many other companies on dozens of other projects, big and small, creating digital content, cinematic trailers, and commercials.


He loves to build characters he portrays from scratch — starting with movement, visualization, breathing, and sounds, finishing with finding the most interesting details and character traits.


Whenever he creates a new character, he always tries to remember the words of George Bernard Shaw: "Imagination is the beginning of creation".
Bastien Deharme


Bastien Lecouffe Deharme was born on the shores of Brittany, France, in the early eighties. His artwork evolves at the crossroad of modern and ancient myths & legends, forgotten tales, and tragedies. Bastien creates dark and symbolic pictures, blending a contrast of beauty and decadence.


He tells stories to make his inside worlds exist through text and images. Drawing, painting, and photography are all the mediums he likes to mix into his digital creations. From cursed medieval symbols to noir sci-fi, the same thematic elements remain between the lines.


In 2010 he moved from France to the United States. There, he has continued a career dedicated to every aspect of his art, including painting Magic: The Gathering cards, working with his agency on large-scale projects, and developing his graphic novels & role-playing games. He also teaches digital painting, illustration, and figure drawing.


Bastien’s artwork can be seen in publications and exhibitions worldwide, including on the cover of the emblematic Spectrum Fantastic art book.
Matt Demaray


Matt Demaray is an Art Director at HiRez Studios.


He started his career in the video game industry in 2006 as an environment artist. Over the years, some of the games he has been part of include: NCAA Football (07 & 08), Madden NFL (07 & 08), Kingdoms of Amalur, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Mafia 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Breach, and Rouge Company. Matt’s focus is on hard surface modeling, texturing, environment art and world building. He is currently the Art Director on an unannounced title for First Watch Games in the U.S.
Adam Dutkiewicz


Adam Dutkiewicz studied Game Technologies and Computer Simulations at Łódź University of Technology’s Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics. He has been working at CD PROJEKT RED for more than seven years, beginning his career at the studio as an engine programmer on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He is currently involved in animation programming.


He runs the technical blog animcoding.com, dedicated to animation technology.
Lennart Franken


Lennart Franken began his career in 2006 as an intern at Guerrilla Games, and quickly joined the Environment Art team for Killzone 2. A few years later, he moved to the UK and began working at Codemasters. He returned to Guerrilla and helped finish Killzone 3, after which he joined the Asset Art team for Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, where his work included designing machines for both games.


Lennart's experience across multiple teams within Guerrilla has given him broad knowledge of the tools and pipelines used at the company.
Spiridon Giannakis


As a collector of artbooks himself, Spiridon Giannakis started working directly with artists he admired to help them put their work in the spotlight in the form of art publications. He started his career in graphic design in 2006 before becoming a freelancer in 2013 in order to focus on his own projects. Since then he has collaborated not only with numerous artists — such as Even Amundsen, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Björn Hurri, Kim Jung Gi, Abigail Larson — but also events and studios, where, as a 'matchmaker for artists', he uses his network to cultivate a creative community.
Adam Goldstein


Adam Goldstein is an artist with over 15 years in the industry and a variety of skills — from concept art, modeling, texturing, and lighting to matte painting and compositing.


After five years at Technicolor, where he was involved in various commercials and films, he joined Meduzarts to work on cinematics for games such as Mortal Kombat X and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, as well as promotional and box art for games like Starcraft 2, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and The Elder Scrolls Online.


Currently, he is a Lead Texture Artist at Framestore, where he has worked on films such as Doctor Strange, Edge of Tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Alien: Covenant, Beauty and the Beast, Paddington, The Tomorrow War, Peter Pan & Wendy, and second & third Fantastic Beasts movies.


In 2017 he was nominated for a VES Award for Outstanding Environment in a Photoreal Feature for Blade Runner 2049. This year, he has been nominated for an Annie Award for his work on King Shark in The Suicide Squad.
Jenny Harder


Jenny Harder has been working in the video game and animation industry for over 10 years. She was the Art Director for the animated show 100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone and has worked on games such as For Honor and Disney Infinity — as well as upcoming titles Hogwarts Legacy and Palia. Jenny recently directed her own animated short film Being Good, which won several awards in 2018 and 2019. Currently, she is freelancing for DNEG Animation from Berlin while also teaching character design and concept art at local art schools.
Kamil Hepner


A veteran of the VFX industry, Kamil has worked on projects such as Avatar: The Way of Water, Alita: Battle Angel, and many of Marvel and DC's blockbusters. Whether it's his work with WETA, Sony Imageworks, Framestore, or Platige Image, he has always loved to push the boundaries of facial animation. In his new role as director of the video game development studio TEAATE, he enthusiastically faces the challenge of building an efficient small indie team.
Stan Just


Stan Just is a committed game developer with over 12 years of experience in the industry. He is currently the CEO of Covenant.dev, and the Game Director of the upcoming Gord .


In his past experience as a producer, he worked for Reality Pump Studios on the Two Worlds series, 11 bit studios on the Anomaly series, and CD PROJEKT RED — where Just managed teams creating The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansions. He also sat on the management boards of the Polish Games Association, European Federation of Game Developers, and GameINN Steering Committee.
Łukasz Juszczyk


Łukasz Juszczyk is the Game Director and Art Director at 11 bit studios where he helps to grow the Frostpunk IP into a substantial brand. In his first role at 11 bit, he was responsible for environment design and lighting — but he was soon given the chance to realize the artistic direction of Frostpunk as a Lead Artist. Following the premiere of Frostpunk, Łukasz was responsible for delivering all DLCs as one of the Project Leads. Today he is crafting the studio's biggest title to date: Frostpunk 2.


Before he joined 11 bit’s ranks, Łukasz co-founded Crunching Koalas — an indie studio known for the puzzle game MouseCraft, as well as being a successful porting house and publisher for many indie titles. This altogether makes about a decade in the industry as a developer who has touched almost every aspect of game development.


Łukasz’s artistic background is anchored in graffiti, which is probably why doodling crazy creatures with thick outlines is still his getaway during some prolonged meetings. Privately a wannabe bass player, he is also a father of two young dragon boys.
Anna Krzemień


Anna Krzemień is an Environment Concept Artist currently working at Techland. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, in 2013.


Her career in game development began at The Farm 51, where she worked on Get Even and was later promoted to Art Director for the company’s next title — Chernobylite. Halfway through 2019, she joined Techland to work on Dying Light 2 Stay Human.
Dawid Lubryka


Dawid Lubryka is an animator with over 13 years of experience in video games and animation. He began his career with CG at the age of 12, starting out with modeling, texturing, and rendering, before finally moving toward animation. He graduated from Bradford University in the UK, where he studied computer animation. While studying, he also worked as a teacher's assistant, providing support for younger students.


Currently, he works for Techland in the role of Animation Director for an unannounced title. Throughout his career he has worked both on gameplay animation and cinematics, contributing to games such as Dying Light, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, and the Dead Island franchise.
André Luís


André Luís is the co-founder, CEO, and creative force behind Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU), one of the world's leading transformative experiences for digital artists and creative professionals. In 2013, he came up with the idea to create THU as a result of wanting to do things differently, be useful to society, and have an impact on people’s lives.


With a background in industrial design and marketing management, André's career has been paved through the worlds of design, marketing, web development, and computer graphics.


Nowadays he is fully dedicated to empowering creators through THU, a global organization with several projects around the world that support the creative community while leaving a mark on the digital entertainment industry.
Daniel Lupien


Daniel Lupien has been working in both the video game and VFX industries for the past 21 years, focusing mostly on assets. He is also a practical prop maker.


He specializes in texturing and for the past eight years has been working as an Asset Supervisor at Rodeo FX — where he has worked on many franchises such as: Game of Thrones, Fantastic Beasts, Aquaman, WandaVision, and Jumanji, to name just a few.
Wojciech Magierski


Wojciech Magierski is an artistic director, digital artist, and the founder of the M4G SEMINARS collective, where he teaches courses on post-production and 3D modelling. As the Art Lead for the production studio Juice, he is responsible for the artistic direction and workflow of the Art department. He mainly focuses on modelling, 3D graphics, and digital illustrations.


He has worked for brands such as Nike, BMW, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Toyota, and Casio, and his illustrations have graced the covers of leading design magazines in Poland and internationally.
Tomasz Marchewka


Tomasz Marchewka is currently an Associate Story Director at CD PROJEKT RED.


He holds over a decade's experience as a writer, and has worked for almost a decade in game development at CD PROJEKT RED. During his time at the studio, he has worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , the Blood and Wine expansion, and Cyberpunk 2077 . Besides video games, he writes novels and short stories.


He is an incorrigible aficionado of noir fiction. In stories he looks for sad endings, flawed characters, and mistakes that cannot be undone.
Dominik Mayer


Dominik Mayer is a German Illustrator focused on dark fantasy art. Vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and the use of geometric shapes makes his art striking and unique.


He studied Illustration and 3D animation, worked as an in-house 3D/2D generalist, graphic designer and concept artist in Hamburg and Munich before becoming a full time freelance Illustrator and art director within the video game and movie industries.


He has worked on international projects with companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Axis Animation, Netflix, Blizzard, Tencent, and Riot Games. Beside his work as an industry professional he also works as an independent artist on his own projects which can be followed on his social media channels.
Tina Nawrocki


Tina Nawrocki is a 2D Animator with over 16 years of experience working across the gaming, television, and film industries. Tina joined Studio MDHR in 2015 to work on Cuphead as a Concept Artist and 2D Animator. She designed and animated the bosses for Sugarland Shimmy, as well as various platforming stages. Following Cuphead’s release Tina worked for two years on Studio MDHR’s new project, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.


Since leaving MDHR in 2020, Tina has had the pleasure of animating on Season 2 of the Netflix Series Green Eggs and Ham, and the feature film Space Jam: A New Legacy — as well as providing original animations for Drake's Knife Talk music video.
Harvey Newman


Harvey Newman is an Animation Director who has worked in the games industry for nearly two decades. After starting out in QA for Sega, working on titles such as Rome: Total War, Football Manager, Worms Forts: Under Siege, and many more, he began his journey into animation by working on GoldenEye Reloaded for the Nintendo Wii. He then went on to work on Dead Space: Extraction for the studio Eurocom.


Throughout his career Harvey has worked in studios such as Eurocom, Crytek, Lionhead, Creative Assembly, Axis, DICE, and Build a Rocket Boy. He has helped to ship many award-winning titles from different leadership positions — titles which include Battlefield V, Horizon Zero Dawn, Fable Legends, Star Wars Battlefront, Crysis 3, GoldenEye Reloaded, and more.


Harvey is also an avid YouTuber where he shares his passion for animation weekly. He works mainly in Maya and sometimes Motionbuilder — but Maya is 100% his software of choice.
Kacper Niepokólczycki


Kacper is a Lead Environment Artist at CD PROJEKT RED. Working in the game development industry for over 11 years, he has worked on such titles as Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and its second expansion pack, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. Before working at RED, Kacper collaborated with The Farm 51 on such titles as Deadfall Adventures, Painkiller Hell & Damnation, and Get Even.


A passionate gamer with a deep love for sci-fi, Kacper loves to create interesting, unique, and believable worlds. In his free time, he spends a lot of time with movies, books, comics, and all the other mediums that feed his need for creativity.
Katarzyna Olszewska


Katarzyna Olszewska currently works as a Lead Layout and Previs Artist as well as a Senior Character Animator. She received her Master's Degree in Animation from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, and went on to complete a Postgraduate Degree in Production Management from the Łódź Film School.


Katarzyna has previously worked for studios such as Framestore, Axis Studios, Techland, Platige Image, Outpost VFX, Juice, Human Ark, Animoon, and others. Her previous VFX and full CG projects include episodes of Love Death + Robots (Mason’s Rats, The Tall Grass, Fish Night), Sentinels of Light 2021: Before Dawn, Absolution (League of Legends), The Liberator, Watchmen, Dying Light 2, as well as the upcoming feature film Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, and a currently unannounced AAA game.


In her work she focuses on developing and combining knowledge from both the film and game industry in order to create the best quality projects possible.
Tomasz Ostafin


Tomasz Ostafin is a freshly formed solo game developer. He graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Silesian University of Technology, and worked in various fields: architectural visualizations, animation, digital graphics, and Flash games.


For the past six years he worked on Papetura, a short atmospheric adventure game with a unique world made entirely out of paper. The game’s release led to multiple awards and animations, including the Independent Game Festival “Excellence in Visual Art” Award.
Richard Oud


Richard Oud is the Studio Animation Director at Guerrilla, a PlayStation Studio based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Joining the studio in 2007, his credits include Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone Shadow Fall as well as critically acclaimed action RPGs Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Richard is responsible for the company's general animation direction, and oversees all of Guerrilla’s projects.
Anna Podedworna


Anna Podedworna is an illustrator and concept artist based in Warsaw, Poland. She works in video game and film industries.


Anna started her career working for Polish studios such as CD PROJEKT RED and Flying Wild Hog. Later she transitioned to become a freelance artist, growing a list of clients which includes studios such as: CD PROJEKT RED, Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, Flying Wild Hog, Valve, Paizo, Atlas Games, Tuque Games, Walt Disney Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures.


She has contributed to games such as GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Dota 2, Evil West, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and upcoming movies such as The Lion King sequel and Joker 2.
Tomasz Radziewicz


Tomasz Radziewicz graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk under prof. Stanisław Radwański. He was also a scholar in the atelier of Stephan Balkenhol at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, Germany. Radziewicz is the creator of many monuments in Poland, including the Józef Piłsudski Monument in Gdańsk, the Monument of the Pope John Paul II in Przemyśl, the Kazimierz Deyna Monument in Warsaw, and the recent Monument to the Glory of Cavalry and Polish Artillery near Komarów.


In recent years, Radziewicz has been working on video-game-and film-related projects, collaborating with companies like CD PROJEKT RED and Platige Image. In 2014, he designed the Collector’s Edition for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as well as a 2,5 meter high sculpture depicting the witcher Geralt fighting a Noonwraith, with the latter currently on display at the CD PROJEKT RED headquarters in Warsaw. He is also the author of a concept sculpture for Cyberpunk 2077.
Grzegorz Rosiński


Grzegorz Rosiński is a comic and book illustrator, painter, and artist. By 1981, he had already illustrated around 60 books for various Polish publishing houses.


Since 1968, he has mainly focused on creating comics, such as the series The Legendary History of Poland, Captain Żbik, and Pilot Śmigłowca. In the second half of the 1970s, he worked as the artistic director for the comics magazine Relax. In 1976, he began collaborating with Belgian publishing houses, creating illustrations for popular comic book series such as Thorgal (script by Jean van Hamme). In 1982, difficulties arising from martial law in Poland led to Rosiński moving permanently to Belgium, and eventually settling in Switzerland. Apart from Thorgal, which spawned three spin-off series, Rosiński likewise illustrated the popular series Hans (script by Andrè-Paul Duchâteau), Complaint de lands perdues (script by Jean Dufaux), Western, The Great Power of Chninkel (script by Jean van Hamme), as well as Vengeance du comte Skarbek (script by Yves Sente).


In 2003, Grzegorz Rosiński presented a large retrospective of his work at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, and again at the Sierre Comics Festival. The exhibition, supplemented with additional materials, travelled on and in November 2004 received an honorary spot at the Parisian Conciergerie.
Ines Scheiber


Ines Scheiber is a French 2D animator specializing in realistic and anime-style special effects.


After graduating from the Les Gobelins animation program in Paris, she has traveled around the world, from England to Japan and Korea, in a personal quest to synthesize her eclectic influences through her animations. She has participated in projects including the Arcane Netflix series, feature films such as The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, and I Lost My Body, as well as The Division 2: Warlords of New York animated short.


Always looking for action-packed, FX-heavy shows, she aspires to bring a touch of her favorite Japanese animes into Western productions, as much as the other way around.
Jordu Schell


Jordu Schell has been in the film & television industry since 1987. His talent as a designer and sculptor is world renowned, and his credits include: Avatar, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, 300, Hellboy, Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem, Men in Black, The Mist, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands, Alien: Resurrection, The X-Files (1998) , Predator II, Galaxy Quest, Evolution , Babylon 5 (a series for which he designed Emmy award-winning creature makeup, as well as the first fully digital creature for a television series), and many more.


He has traveled all over the globe and worked at some of the most prestigious companies in the world to teach his unique brand of creature and character design. He has taught in China, Japan, Denmark, Brazil, France, England, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia, and has taught at Industrial Light & Magic, Blizzard Entertainment, Blue Sky, Disney, Dreamworks, and many others.
Arno Schmitz


Arno Schmitz currently works as the Lead Character Artist at Guerilla Games. He graduated from Breda University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Game Architecture and Design, and later went on to the Florence Academy of Art, where he completed their Intensive Drawing program.


After his studies, he began working in the industry as a Character Artist at Guerrilla. He worked on a variety of games, including Killzone Shadow Fall and Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as its Frozen Wilds DLC. Most recently, he worked on their latest release, Horizon Forbidden West.


Outside of work, he enjoys traditional figure drawing and sculpting; he also works on personal projects, the latest of which is a series of family portraits.
Bryan Sola


Bryan Sola is a Filipino illustrator who has worked with various gaming studios and publishing companies around Europe and America. He is currently working as a Senior Marketing Illustrator at Sharkmob Studio in Sweden.


His international clients include Clockwork VFX, Direwolf Digital LLC, Paizo Publishing LLC, Nuare Studio, Applibot, Riot Games, Aeria Games GMBH, CD PROJEKT RED, Wizards of the Coast, Bohemia Interactive, and Ubisoft Singapore. Sola has worked on a variety of video games, including Legend of the Cryptids, League of Legends, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Elder Scrolls: Online, DAYZ: Livonia, Vainglory, Magic: The Gathering, Hyper Scape, and Sharkmob's newly released battle royale game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt.


He has also worked on various films & TV commercials as a Senior Concept Artist & Matte Painter, both locally and abroad, and has also created art covers and interior illustrations for various books.
Wiktoria Stachowska


Wiktoria Stachowska is currently a Senior Environment Artist — City Coordinator at CD PROJEKT RED.


She first graduated from the Wrocław Secondary School of Fine Arts with a specialization in metal arts, and went on to complete a degree in Interior Architecture from the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts and Design.


Over the years she has worked in a variety of digital art fields, mostly for games. Most recently, Stachowska worked on environments for Cyberpunk 2077, and is currently dedicated to working on the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion.


Outside of work, her personal interests lie in the history of art and architecture, and she enjoys traditional painting and sculpting characters.
Sina Sultani


Sina Sultani is a 90-time award-winning writer, director, producer — and member of the PGA and CMPA. He was recently selected for the 2022 Whistler Film Festival Producers Lab, the Reelworld E20 Emerging Writers program, and the Reykjavik Talent Lab. In 2021 he participated in the Netflix Diversity of Voices initiative, Sony Diversity Mentorship, and Future Visions 21 collective out of Munich.


Sina is committed to representation through cultural collaboration using his unique blend of indie filmmaking combined with his studio-level experience with ILM and Sony on projects such as: Terminator: Dark Fate, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and the upcoming Spider-Verse sequel. He’s currently in production on his first animated short while developing his first live-action sci-fi feature.
Albert Szostkiewicz


Albert Szostkiewicz is currently an FX Supervisor working at Sony Pictures Imageworks.


Over the years he’s worked in a variety of digital art fields. He began as a 3D generalist in Poland before transitioning into FX and lighting for the VFX Hollywood industry. His work can be seen in video games, TV commercials, and movies — including high profile movie productions such as Dune, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Man of Steel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and many more.
Furio Tedeschi


Furio Tedeschi is an award-winning concept artist with over 20 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry. He has worked on many popular games, such as Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Republic Heroes, The Legend of Spyro, and Cyberpunk 2077, as well as on various films and TV shows, including Raised by Wolves, Transformers: The Last Knight, Pacific Rim, and The Quiet Place.


Tedeschi was also responsible for creating the designs for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2023) and the Miami Crypto Bull Statue. He was nominated for an Art Directors Guild Award for his work on the 2019 horror film A Quiet Place, and was also the winner of the ZBrush Summit Sculpt Off for three consecutive years.
Mateusz Tokarz


Mateusz Tokarz graduated from the University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland, and went on to study animation, digital arts and performance at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts. He began his career at Teyon Games. Later, he joined Alvernia Studios where he started as a VFX Generalist before becoming a CG Supervisor and ultimately the Head of VFX. Currently he is a Lead VFX Supervisor at Platige Image.


Projects he has worked on include: The Witcher series on Netflix, Shades of Blue, the War With Cancer Campaign for the Alivia Foundation, and 11 Minutes. He has worked on sets with stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta, Henry Cavill.
Romain Van Den Bogaert

Van Den Bogaert

Romain is a freelance sculptor and character designer based in Lyon, France.


His fascination for shapes, volumes, and malleable materials manifested at an early age, a passion that was to become a lifelong creative pursuit. Romain completed a PhD on clay structure in soils, and since 2015 has dedicated himself entirely to sculpture — with many of his creations now edited and used by various companies, including: CD PROJEKT RED, Adobe, Mythic Games, and Mindwork Games.


He is particularly known for his figurines and bust sculptures inspired by legends and lost civilizations. He recently changed his artistic medium, adopting new 3D tools to carry out his art and extend his work to various creative industries.
Dominik Wawrzyniak


Dominik Wawrzyniak is a Lead Previz Artist and Animation Director currently working at Platige Image. He specializes in motion capture-based game cinematics. His began his collaboration with Platige Image in 2009 as a freelancer. Two years later, he joined the team as a Layout Artist and, in 2015, took on the role of leading the Layout and Previz division. Dominik studied Animation Films and Film Special Effects at Łódź Film School, and was granted a scholarship to further his studies at the Animation Institute of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany.


He has worked on cinematics for games such as the Call of Duty series, including Vanguard, Black Ops — Cold War, and Warzone, as well as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Hitman, For Honor, and the Total War series. Apart from game cinematics he has worked on various film projects, such as Another Day of Life, Wonder Woman, the Polish Legends series created by Allegro, Love Death + Robots, and The Witcher television series.
Darek Zabrocki


Darek Zabrocki is a Polish creative director, concept designer, and the CEO of Focal Point School. Since his early childhood, art was a big part of his life and his biggest passion. In 2007, he made the change from traditional to digital media, which led him to become a concept artist. He has worked on many big projects from both the film and video game development industries, such as Love Death + Robots , Sonic , Assassin's Creed: Syndicate , Call of Duty: Modern Warfare , Destiny , and many more.


He has always wanted to share his passion and provide opportunities to new artists, which is why he co-created Level Up!, a free online learning platform. This experience gave him indispensable knowledge in teaching others, and a natural next step was opening a physical school. In 2018, this dream became a reality. He and fellow artist Michał Kus co-founded the first European concept art school, Focal Point School in Gdańsk.


Earlier this year, he began work on his own concept design studio entitled “Darek Zabrocki Studio”. The studio will allow a dedicated team to provide the best possible quality of art under his own brand.
Alyssa Zárate


Alyssa Zárate is currently a Matte Painting & Environment Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks. She started out working in the art department as an illustrator and designer for film & television productions around New Zealand & Australia. For over a decade she has enjoyed working on films such as Mitchells vs The Machines, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Spider-man: Far From Home, The Wolverine, Jurassic World, Prometheus, The Chronicles of Narnia — to name a few — as well as various shows produced by National Geographic, Starz, Amazon Prime, Disney, Netflix, and HBO — including Game of Thrones.


She is passionate about leadership, mentoring, and inspiring current and future generations of artists in the fields of visual effects & animation, especially those from the underrepresented communities.
Kasia Zielińska


Kasia “Kafis” Zielińska has been part of the industry for 12 years and currently works as Lead Environment Concept Artist at Techland and as an Illustrator at Wizards of the Coast for Magic: The Gathering.


Kasia has grown as an artist and lead across a variety of projects — she's worked on casual and free-to-play games, board and card games, as well as AAA titles. Kasia has also worked as an architect and urban designer. She loves to incorporate her knowledge from that experience into meaningful and functional environments for games. She finds inspiration for her work in many places, including pop culture, books, nature, fashion, and music.