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Promised Land welcomes Platige Image speakers!

Promised Land welcomes Platige Image — a creative studio specializing in computer graphics, 3D animation, and digital special effects for advertising, film, and the video game industries. Dominik Wawrzyniak, Arkadiusz Piwiec, Marek Gajowski and Mateusz Tokarz are joining this year’s speaker lineup!


Dominik Wawrzyniak is a layout artist and animation director, currently leading the Layout/Previz division at Platige Image.


Arkadiusz Piwiec leads the Set Dressing team at Platige Image. His interest in 3D art was sparked during his Architecture studies at Poznań University of Technology.


Marek Gajowski currently works as CG Supervisor at Platige Image. He started his career as an editor and graphic designer and later became a generalist and a compositing supervisor.


Mateusz Tokarz leads the VFX department at Platige Image. After graduating from the University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland. Afterwards, he studied animation, digital arts and Performance at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts.


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