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Katarzyna Olszewska joins Promised Land speaker lineup!

Katarzyna Olszewska currently works as a Lead Layout and Previs Artist as well as a Senior Character Animator. She received her Master's Degree in Animation from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, and went on to complete a Postgraduate Degree in Production Management from the Łódź Film School.


Katarzyna has previously worked for studios such as Framestore, Axis Studios, Techland, Platige Image, Outpost VFX, Juice, Human Ark, Animoon, and others. Her previous VFX and full CG projects include episodes of Love Death + Robots (Mason’s Rats, The Tall Grass, Fish Night), Sentinels of Light 2021: Before Dawn, Absolution (League of Legends), The Liberator, Watchmen, Dying Light 2, as well as the upcoming feature film Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, and a currently unannounced AAA game.


In her work she focuses on developing and combining knowledge from both the film and game industry in order to create the best quality projects possible.